Role of a Leader

Being a leader in any organization is an excellent achievement which comes with a remarkable amount of responsibility, expectations and demands. To be able to achieve and deliver on these expectations you first must have a full comprehension of what they are and what, if anything, is flexible within them.  This course focuses on understanding your role as a leader and explores strategies to help you achieve them.

This course is offered as a Management and Leadership Fundamental and as an Advanced, Taking you Beyond course.

Train the Trainer

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I will learn."            
Benjamin Franklin

Truly Invest in yourself and your team by teaching the fundamentals of successful training methods.  Explore adult learning, training adaptability and ultimately how to positively influence your company through successful training.  Set the trainer and their trainees up for success today!

Managing your Team

Motivation, coaching, training and discipline are some of the fundamentals that Managing your Team covers in the session.  With the right approach to managing our whole team, we can increase productivity, engagement and positively influence culture and build team success.

Take a proactive approach to your recruitment needs by attending Recruiting the Right People.  Discover your ultimate team, how to attract them and how to set them up for success.  Your people make or break your company's success so ensure your recruitment practices and your companys overall goals are aligned through attending this course.

Recruiting the Right People

The Customer Conversion

A positive and successful customer transaction can influence everything from company sales through to employee retention.  The Customer Conversion explores the fundamentals of customer service for your internal and external clients delivering promising results to you, your team and your comapny.

Quick Action & Quick Results

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