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Have you seen a change in attitude? A lack of performance or motivation?  If you truly want to turn your "trouble" employees into the contributing, successful team members they once were or if you want to discover the 5 star capacity in your current team, this course is for you.  In this course you will:

  • Learn how to take an objective view on your teams current performance, identifying your areas of opportunity
  • Understand the guidelines to developing a successful Performance Management Development Plan
  • Discover appropriate communication to ensure clarity and desired outcomes for different individuals
  • Explore successful coaching solutions to ensure positive change and identify when to introduce additional business partners

This course is appropriate for seasoned managers who have decision making authority and who sincerely would like to see positive results for a challenging employee.  This course is not appropriate for those who have already determined the outcome of these team members.    Please note, this course does not cover legal guidelines to terminate an employee.

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Being a leader in any organization is an excellent achievement which comes with a remarkable amount of responsibility, expectations and demands. To be able to achieve and deliver on these expectations you first must have a full comprehension of what they are and what, if anything, is flexible within them.  This course focuses on understanding your role as a leader and explores strategies to help you achieve them.

This course is offered as a Management and Leadership Fundamental and as an Advanced, Taking you Beyond course.

Role of a Leader

Building rapport quickly is a powerful tool and gift that every manager should possess. It is an asset working with your team, colleagues and guests and a great method to pass to your team.  Building Relationships is a session discovering the fundamentals to rapport building and the common stages and sequence of communication we go through to get there.

Building Relationship

Managing Up

Understanding our circle is one thing but having the skill to grow it and influence those around you is another. Finding the appropriate way to influence others and get what you want is an art and outlined in Managing Up.

Each course is designed as 1 full day course that can be adapted to 2 half days or 4, 2 hour sessions (lunch and learns or brainy breakfasts)

Are you ready to be even better?

Tired of attending meetings with no outcomes?  Do you give out tasks and they achieve completley different desired outcomes?  Having trouble connecting to a colleague, manager or team member?  The Communication Program will change the way you lead and manage.  It will change the way you communicate in general!

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