Have you seen a change in attitude? A lack of performance or motivation?  If you truly want to turn your "trouble" employees into the contributing, successful team members they once were or if you want to discover the 5 star capacity in your current team, this course is for you.  In this course you will:

  • Learn how to take an objective view on your teams current performance, identifying your areas of opportunity
  • Understand the guidelines to developing a successful Performance Management Development Plan
  • Discover appropriate communication to ensure clarity and desired outcomes for different individuals
  • Explore successful coaching solutions to ensure positive change and identify when to introduce additional business partners

This course is appropriate for seasoned managers who have decision making authority and who sincerely would like to see positive results for a challenging employee.  This course is not appropriate for those who have already determined the outcome of these team members.    Please note, this course does not cover legal guidelines to terminate an employee.

Course details:

  • Available January 2017
  • Designed as 1 full day course that can be adapted to 2 half days or 4, 2 hour sessions (lunch and learns or brainy breakfasts)
  • Purchase course which includes full course ownership with trainers notes, 2 hour train the trainer review over the telephone (face to face session available for additional cost), corporate branding, any course materials
  • Corporate facilitation, facilitated by Tanya Newlove either a full day or 2 half day sessions.  Max 20 participants.  Client to provide venue and catering.
  • Public attendance available on a per participant cost basis.  Please contact us for dates and locations.
The way to get started is to Quit talking, and begin doing
— Walt Disney

Imagine if all the words we spoke really were "music to one's ears".  Imagine if our message was received the first time and in the right intent that it was meant.  Imagine if we had a translator that adapted the same message for different people so we could achieve the desired result. 

Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill
— Buddah (or Dwight Goddard...apparently it's debatable)

The Rapid Response Series is a practical, solution based series offering rapid solutions from the moment of implementation.  Each chapter offers the opportunity to explore and challenge the information to ensure it is practical and relevant.  Quite simply, the Rapid Response Series is less fluff and more action!

Chapters of the series are developed throughout the year and added to the library below.  To discuss how to attend or purchase a course in the Rapid Response Series or stay update with new chapters, please contact us here.

Do you have a specific training requirement you would like to discuss?  Contact us to learn what we can develop specifically for you.

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